Long time, no see

April 17, 2013

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Hi Friends!
I’m alive!!!
And if you live in California, then you know that those beautiful petals dropped a LOOONG time ago.

I am *maybe* 10 mins away from an anxiety attack at all times….but hopefully that will change after April 30th. More on that a little later. Here I am again on my blog for a quick minute. I just wanted to share some family photos from the last two months…a few sweet memories we squeezed in when we weren’t working. I want to do more of that in the future. Near future. Like April 30th future.
Anyway, I miss you friends, family, and the days when I didn’t grind my teeth until my chin quivers and my jaw hurts. But sometimes you’ve got to put your head down and grind it out. (Good thing we have a few dentists in the family, when I need my veneers;)

I’m convinced that there is some kind of eternal lesson in learning how to REALLY work. How to push through the fatigue of no sleep and exhaustion, to juggle the needs of others and to multi-task in ways you never thought possible.  Something I’m convinced I have never done at this level before in my life. I thought I knew what hard work was, but I didn’t. I mean, compared to the coal miner pounding away at the center of the Earth, I still don’t know what hard work is, so I guess it all depends on your frame of reference.
Suffice it to say, I’m tired, but I’m really enjoying it. Like REALLY. Who knew entrepreneurship could be so fun and creative? I feel like all the random crap I’ve done and weird skills I’ve acquired in my life have led me to this and it’s kind of thrilling.

After April 30th I’ll be looking for ways to bring a little balance back, just enough so my stomach doesn’t hurt.
And on that note, Central Valley springtime, Muir Woods and BABIES!



Hows this for a family photo? (sigh)


What helps you to power through?  For me it’s these little dudes, and the fantasy of one day having a really beautiful kitchen. ;)


Introducing…The White Plum Blog

March 1, 2013

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been tweaking with my home page. I debated on keeping the Hilary Fleming Blog as the White Plum Boutique blog, and just adding in some fashion posts…which I have been experimenting with. I just decided that while my family will have a presence with our brand, it [...]

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A Happy Saturday

February 25, 2013

Lately, we’ve had the flu. All of us. Staggered. For seriously the last 4 weeks. So this “happy Saturday” was from before we were all stricken with the influenza virus. I just wanted to remember back to a time before I had a chain-smoker’s cough. It was a pretty great Saturday, as Saturdays usually are. [...]

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3 years 2 months and 17 days…a.k.a. How to Potty Train Your Young Adult

February 22, 2013

3 years 2 months and 17 days was how long it took. It’s done. I have passed my first round of bringing up babyhood. The potty training has finally happened. We are in a big-boy bed. No bottle. No Pacifier. Only one bum to change instead of two. And there is a lot of rational [...]

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Disneyland Domination

February 20, 2013

I had only been to the magic kingdom twice in my life before I had kids. Since we’ve been parents, I think this was our fifth time in the last 18 months. We’ve got the drill down. Double stroller, check. Snacks, checks. Hats and sunscreen, check. Fast passes, check. Arriving at the park we definitely [...]

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7 months

February 9, 2013

Oh what is there to say about 7 months, other than to gush about hard fat, squeals of joy, and sounds of “da da da?” And it appears his eyes are definitely turning brown. One point for Dad, finally. (see honey, he’s not the mailman’s!) Anyway, I decided to snap some quick pics the other [...]

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Mom Style: Vintage Chic

February 4, 2013
Vintage Mom

Vintage Mom by whiteplumboutique featuring tall pants Sheer blouse / Tall pants / High heel shoes / Glitter jewelry   Print pants in fun florals and edgy geometric shapes are all over spring fashion, and this vintage mom look from Anthropologie has me drooling. Let’s not talk about my love affair with Anthropologie. It is [...]

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February 2, 2013

Just a quick snapshot of our day… Back when I was pregnant, I was really hoping for a little girl so I could call it good with two kids. One of each, you know? Well, I’m here to tell you that two little brothers is kind of awesome. It is so fun to see these [...]

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The Great Nut Butter Experiment of 2013: Homemade Cookie Peanut Butter

January 31, 2013

My little mini-me and I share an affinity for Cookie Butter. He almost ate an entire jar in a matter of minutes. A few weeks ago I ran across a really delicious looking recipe for homemade cookie butter from the blog, Averie Cooks. Since I had gotten a food processor for Christmas, it was time [...]

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Classy Wednesday: Liesl Von Trapp

January 31, 2013
Classy Wednesday: Liesl Von Trapp Look

On Christmas Eve, my mom and I were glued to the annual screening of “The Sound of Music.”  Isn’t Julie Andrews such a babe?  Even with that terrible haircut, she is still completely flawless. My favorite scene has always been where Liesl and Rolf sing “16 going on 17.”  I think it’s the mix of [...]

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