July 2011

Funny ABC’s

July 30, 2011

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Landon has been sleeping in our room on this vaycay, which means while we’ve been soaking up beautiful sunshine by day, we haven’t been sleeping at night. Rod’s been known to sleep-talk on occasion, and his son has seemed to inherit the trait. At 1:30 in the morning Rod and I were awoken by a cry and then a double reciting of the “ABC” song. Landon would get to “G” and then start over. We didn’t even know he knew that many of his ABC’s. It was a bittersweet moment. I guess if I must be woken up, it’s good that it was a milestone in Landon’s verbal development that did it. Rod and I laughed, high-fived, and then promptly returned to snooze-land.

Ran a mile 8:50 min pace
Walked a mile with Rod and Landon (on the trike)
Boogie boarded for 2 hours

Shopped til I dropped (not really, just bought these…it’s a big debate in the house tonight…the guys are all “Ugh–terrible!” and the girls all think they are fab. Since I dress for myself, comfort, and women anyway…I think I am keeping them.) The material is amazing and it’s so freaking hot in Visalia right now, that I thought these would be great workout/house pants–don’t worry these aren’t for “date night”–I may not have the greatest style in the world but I do know that. Plus, I have Lulu groove pants that I’ve had for 5 years that still look amazing–so I think it’s worth the $$.

We leave tomorrow. We’ve had a great time. I am happy and sad. Happy to get back to my nesting and sleeping. Sad to say goodbye to family and the perfect humidity, sea breeze, and 75 degree weather. (Not to mention motivational workout circumstances…100 degree highs will probably not yield the greatest workout successes.)


Hermosa Beach +Let’s Talk Ups and Downs

July 27, 2011

Have you ever tried to delve into the deep ocean of a creative pursuit (or any pursuit for that matter) only to reemerge covered in sea gunk, gasping for air, and pissed that you even tried to attempt the project? Sometimes a “creative outlet” can feel much more like someones locked you in a torture [...]

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Good Day

July 26, 2011

Beach week continues… Beautiful waves, toddlers in the sand. (Sand everywhere…)The weather has been perfect. Lovely. Workout: Morning Total time: 25:23 Boardwalk run 2.5 miles I used iMapMyRun and listened to Pandora Ran 2.0 miles, cooled down .5 mile. Mile 1: 8:50 (yay!) I wanted to start out strong and beat my time from yesterday [...]

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A Beckham Kind of Day.

July 24, 2011

Usually, we are Sabbath Day observers. Chronic church-goers, if you will. However, on vacation, sabbath observance = taking family time to a whole ‘notha level. Like, a David Beckham level. That handsome devil. (Can I get an Amen?) Let’s just be honest here for a second, okay? Soccer bores the CRAP out of me. I’m [...]

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Bon Voyage to a Bestie + Hermosa Beach.

July 24, 2011

Good morning from Hermosa Beach! We’ve got some morning gloom but the air feels perfect, and the sea breeze is so relaxing.We hit up Pasadena yesterday to go to our friend’s going away party. Before the party we did some shopping.As always, going to southern California makes me miss living here. Pasadena is so quaint.Yesenia’s [...]

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Officially Freaked Out {Inside Job The Movie}

July 23, 2011

Ever wondered how the bleep we got into this financial mess? Housing Bubble? Recession? Global Economic Crisis? You need to watch this. In our family, Friday night is for vegetating. We have a rule that we limit talking to only the absolute essentials, and plug into the TV. Super sexy, right? For some, Friday night [...]

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When the toddler does a face plant…+ MacBook Air 2011 Review

July 22, 2011

Splat! That was how the day started yesterday. It wasn’t even 8:30 a.m. when Landon tripped while pushing Elmo in his kiddie stroller, slamming his bottom teeth into his upper lip. There was a lot of blood and screaming but when all was said an done no stitches were needed, he was just left with [...]

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How to Have a Home-Cooked Breakfast with (almost) Zero Effort {Apple-Cinnamon CrockPot Oats}

July 21, 2011

I love breakfast. This is not news…breakfast (along with prime minister Landon) is the star of the blog most days. NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it jump starts your metabolism, those who eat breakfast are more likely to make healthy choices the rest of the day, and [...]

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Cardio Pfrrt. {+ Pineapple Cilantro Smoothie}

July 20, 2011

It’s amazing how quickly one can fall out of shape (and by amazing I mean depressing). Remember my Do Life post from a few weeks ago? I was all pumped up and inspired to do Ben’s unofficial 5k in Los Angeles this weekend. Then I lost momentum with my sweet bronchial infection and I’ve just [...]

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Utah Recap

July 18, 2011

Last night was a doozy. Baby awake a 3:00 am, demanding a story like it’s 8:00am. Husband awake a 4:00 am, alarm clock, shower (why in these new houses is there no door on the master bathroom?), then randomly the hair dryer (drying his pants?)…seriously. Whenever I have nights like this I wake up seriously [...]

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