Thursday, April 26, 2012

I once had a boss who would tell my co-workers and I that we were in “crisis mode” pretty much every day. At first when I heard the term, my brain (which has been known to imagine outlandish situations with full emotional commitment) would conjure a scene of an impending Tsunami-esque disaster with sirens blaring, government officials yelling into megaphones, and panic stricken people running in all directions. I would react accordingly with lots of stress, drama, and occasional anxiety attacks. It was quite the unhealthy work environment, until I learned we were never actually in crisis mode. Then it just became comical. Now “crisis mode” has become a phrase I hold near to my nostalgic heart. The husband and I use it as “the boy who cried wolf” gestures for all sorts of funny (to us) kinds of things.

For example, “Crisis mode laundry time,” or “Crisis mode diaper changing.”

Perhaps just to gauge a situation like, “Rod I am hungry, we need to stop for lunch.” To which he will reply, “Is it “crisis mode” lunch time or can we wait 20 minutes?”

27 weeks (because I didn’t look cute enough at any point during my 28th week to take a pic)


Needless to say, I’m in the midst of “crisis mode” nesting. I’m totally panicking with all the things I need to do before our little guy arrives because suddenly, I’m huge, and it feels like things are starting to move at warp speed. 27 weeks

In reality, I still have 11 more weeks to go before Baby Z #2 arrives, so I realize I just need to chill the freak out.

These are the things I did the last 2 weeks to assuage my crisis-mode pain.

1. Bought a crib. (we were gifted one with Landon that has actually been recalled, so instead of handing the crib down, time to buy a brand new one.)

2. Bought a double stroller. Oh my, nothing says “mom” like a double stroller (a minivan is a close second). I’ve never felt more full-on mom commitment than when I pulled that contraption from the enormous box. I trolled the Bay Area and LA Craiglist for a used stroller for days and finally found a brand new one on Amazon Mom for only $50 more than what people were asking for a used one. So we went for it. The rest of the day I had the phrase “Because you’re not a woman anymore, you’re a mom” on my brain from the SNL “Mom Jeans” sketch.

3. Buckled and bought the video baby monitor. I can’t tell you how many times i rushed into the baby’s room when he was just starting to whimper because I was a paranoid he was caught in his swaddle. I’m kind of excited to be able to spy on the sleeping baby from the comfort of my bed.

Now to just paint the walls, potty train PML (why would he ever do that when he gets so much joy from laughing at his mom gag?), paint the “big boy bed,” get L to sleep there, and clean out our office/guest room to make way for the baby.


Some pregnancy stats:

  • Total weight gained: I’m up 20 lbs. Aaaand my appetite is out of control. There is a good chance my weight goes bananas by the next update.
  • Workouts: If you count sprinting through the airport while pushing a toddler as a workout, then thats what I did this week.
  • Medicine: Pretty much off zofran. Only occasionally do I pop one when I get a random wave of nausea.
  • Cravings: Drumsticks. Not chicken legs. The packaged ice cream with the chocolate covered cone. Apples, specifically pink lady apples.
  • Aversions: green smoothies. Karma, I guess?
  • Weird Pregnancy Symptoms: Where do I start? Hmmm…A little bit of everything these days. I’ve got the crazy sciatic thing which hurts so bad and strikes at the weirdest times that I have to laugh out loud because I will be totally fine and then start hobbling around like the wicked witch in Snow White. Rod makes fun of me for my constant grunting and groaning. I’m milking it for all it’s worth. Oh, and I have sausage fingers now–(yee haw water retention!)
  • PML adjustments: I’ve debated on changing his nickname to “The General” because he spends most of his time flip-flopping between barking orders at me or being really needy. We’ve been talking about the baby more lately and I think he is freaking out a little.
  • Goal for next week: Vacation time :) Just trying to survive the 7 hours of flying and layovers with a toddler. It will be worth it when I’m beached on the sand like a whale.

29 weeks

29 weeks

Any advice for how to deal with the first child flip-out when the second child arrives? PML’s been really sweet with babies lately, but he’s also been SO SO needy with me, he won’t let Rod do anything for him. He wants me to get him out the his crib, get him dressed, get him food, put him to bed, bathe him, etc (which I normally do) but if anyone else even tries to help it’s pretty much nuclear warfare…which I can only imagine will increase when Z#2 arrives.

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