Trippin’ {part one: Utah}

May 3, 2012

in Mommyhood

The last two weeks have been spent doing our “summer vacation,” and since I will be homebound this summer (baby Z is due July 14), this belly of mine and I are trying to fit as much in as possible. Last week, PML and I ditched Rod to visit my Utah family. Below is my vampire son and his two twin cousins at the family ranch. Landon’s face is a perfect illustration of how unsuccessful I am at wrestling this badger of a child in my 7 months of pregnant state. (speaking of badger…that is the brand of sunscreen I used–all natural with no harmful chemicals and looks exactly like toothpaste on a baby’s face.)


I like to head back to Utah as often as I can, but this trip was especially important because 2 months ago my Grandpa Smoot’s cancer metastasized and he was given 2 weeks to live. I had plane tickets to go a few weeks ago but Landon got bronchitis and I couldn’t get on the plane with him. So, I feel really blessed to have gotten a personal visit with Gramps. We are thrilled that he is still around and not in pain (he has prostate and bone cancer). He has such a great attitude and continues to be such an example of faith and optimism even in the face of dying.


We had a family dinner for him and it was great to spend the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and mountain breeze with him and my extended family.


PML and his cousins spent a lot of time “working” during the dinner.


Hour 2: More “work”


In fact, when I went out to check on them and see if they wanted dessert. Jordan, who was clearly the alpha male of the bunch, piped up and said, “We do, but we have to get to work….We don’t want to get fired.” Landon and Finn got back to “work” without questioning Jordan’s authority. He is almost 5, after all. They must have a pretty rude pretend boss to withhold dessert.


After work, they did what most burly landscapers would do; unwound with a tea party.


Complete with the baby at the table. A very well fed, baby.


And now for a few photos from the rest of the week.

I worked on school, and designed a cleanse for a client.


PML had his first ice cream cone from The Summit Inn on the bustling Main Street of Kamas. He liked it.


My step mom, Sherri, made a delicious tomato and arugula pizza with dough from scratch (on the grill, no less!)


My Dad got me hooked on his breakfast cereal. He has invented quite a delicious concoction, as scary as this picture might appear. He was quite proud of himself. I’ll have to add it to the recipe section soon.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Utah without a pork salad (or burrito) from Cafe Rio.


The company was lovely. My dear friend Meredith and her little lass Coco (Colette).


My parents and I went to Gateway Grille a few times because I became addicted to their Salmon Salad. (It’s embarrassing to admit but this was the only pic I got of my parents!!!! Sorry, it’s kind of a weird angle Dad but Mom looks good.)


Okay, that’s better.

Landon became Super Man for a minute.


But was a little more thrilled to be Buzz Lightyear (he found that in Finn’s closet)


“I’m going to outer space, Mom!”


No Landon, you are actually going to Florida. Next post will be photo gangbusters of our follies in Florida. Thanks family, for a lovely week in Utah!

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